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Charted patterns are used in many different crafts: knitting in two colors, bead weaving, needlepoint, and counted cross stitch. Each square on the chart represents one stitch (or bead) being worked.

Repeating borders make excellent decoration for hats, sweaters, mitten or glove cuffs, or socks. You can also repeat a border vertically to create an allover fabric.

Design motifs can also be worked into border patterns, or placed singly on any design. This can be very effective worked in embroidery or duplicate stitch on an other wide plain piece of knitting.

Many old Norwegian designs are pictoral, and these can also have symbolic meaning. A reindeer, for example, is a semidomesticated animal, that still has its natural ability to find its way home in a snowstorm. What a wonderful element to include on an item for someone who skis or hikes in snow country. The dancers shown here would be perfect for a dancer, of course, or as a way to represent a community. Perhaps to welcome a new member.

You can also create your own designs on graph paper by repeating partial patterns or modifying existing designs, to create a new pattern. Many overall repeating patterns are simply motifs placed on a lattice or grid. Ordinary graph paper works well, or you can choose from a wide variety of chart making software.

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